Melagenina plus

melagenina plus, can it cure vitiligo?

melagenina plus, can it cure vitiligo?

Can melagenina plus cure vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin condition that is characterized by the appearance of white patches on the skin, especially on spots commonly exposed to sunlight such as the face, the hands and feet.

Affecting millions of people around the world, vitiligo occurs when melanocytes, the cells responsible for producing melanin, the pigment that gives our skin its natural color, stop functioning properly or die. At present, the real cause of vitiligo has yet to be established beyond any doubt. It is thought to be an autoimmune disease, but there is also evidence that suggests that it could be hereditary in nature, caused by certain nutritional deficiencies, or even extreme trauma or excessive stress.

To date, there is no definitive cure for vitiligo. There are, however, several treatments available for vitiligo that are designed to slow down the progress of the disorder or even completely stop its spread. Some of these treatments even claim to be able to reverse vitiligo, like this medication called Melagenina Plus.

Modern science still claims vitiligo has no cure, but the makers of Melagenina Plus say it is the closest thing to a cure for vitiligo. Manufactured in Centro de Histoterapia, Havana, Cuba, Melagenina Plus relies on the idea that the human placenta possesses qualities that not only boosts the reproduction of melanocytes, but also accelerates the melanin production process as well. Essentially an alcoholic extract of human placenta, Melagenina Plus also has calcium among its primary ingredients. Calcium, incidentally, is known to be great at activating the cell reproduction and melanic synthesis processes.

If statistical reports being released by the makers of Melagenina Plus are to be believed, the product has achieved an 84 percent success rate during international clinical trials. The company that makes the product claims it has treated more than 13,000 patients from 123 countries. Furthermore, there have been no reports of relapses. Best of all, it claims that it has no local or systemic side effects. The product is also compatible with any kind of food and beverage. As for contraindications with certain medications, it goes well with most drugs with the exception of psoralenos, corticoids, and citostatics.

It is said that anyone affected by vitiligo can use it safely, including pregnant, lactating or menstruating women, children and elderly patients. Being a topical lotion for external application, using Melagenina Plus is quite easy.

There are, however, certain caveats about using Melagenina Plus. For one, the drug can only be used on patients with stable vitiligo and not on patients with their vitiligo still in the active stage. People should also realize that it is a scientific truth that no permanent cure for vitil

igo has been discovered. In fairness to the makers of Melagenina Plus, they are not claiming that the product is indeed a hundred percent effective, as indicated in the preceding paragraph. There is also the fact that the Food and Drugs Administration of the United States has not approved Melagenina Plus for sale in the country, as it is a Human Placental Extract product.

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