The Different Types of Vitiligo

different types of vitiligo

There are many different vitiligo types.

Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition that affects millions of people the world over. The white patches on the skin that characterize the condition are due to the loss of pigment in that particular area. While the white spots can appear on any part of the body, they are more likely to develop on skin that is more commonly exposed to the sun’s rays such as the face, hands and feet.

Several theories about what causes vitiligo have already been put forth, including the idea that it’s an autoimmune disease, a hereditary condition, or caused by extreme trauma, nutritional deficiencies or too much stress. As of today, no permanent cure for the condition has been discovered, although modern science has developed several treatments that help patients manage their condition.

The severity and the course of the skin disorder may vary from patient to patient. Typically, the white patches begin appearing in a small area. As time goes by, other patches pop up. Some even see their existing patches grow larger or multiply. There are also patients whose vitiligo stays the same for a long time, while other patients experience a rapid spread of the white patches all over their body.

Different types and subtypes of vitiligo

At present, doctors recognize two main types, which are segmental and non-segmental vitiligo.

Segmental vitiligo, which is also known as unilateral vitiligo, is marked by the appearance of white patches on only one segment of the body such as an arm, a leg, or the face. This type of vitiligo often starts at an early age, develops for about a year and then stops completely. Approximately 50 percent of segmental vitiligo patients also experience some hair color loss.

Non-segmental vitiligo, on the other hand, is more common. Also referred to as bilateral vitiligo, vitiligo vulgaris and generalized vitiligo, non-segmental vitiligo is characterized by the appearance of white spots on both sides of the body

.  Typically, this type of vitiligo starts appearing on fingertips, hands, wrists, on the feet or around the mouth and eyes. A person who has this type of vitiligo often experiences rapid pigment loss at the beginning, then a complete stop to the depigmentation for some time. Later on, the loss of pigment restarts, and this often becomes a lifetime cycle for the patient.

There are also several vitiligo sub-types such as acrofacial vitiligo, which is essentially depigmentation of the face, head, hands, feet or any part away from the center of the body. There is also focal vitiligo, which is characterized by the loss of color in a confined area. At the other extreme is universal vitiligo, which is basically complete or near-complete pigment loss of the entire body. It is sometimes recommended for patients who have this type of vitiligo to undergo depigmentation treatment instead so that the remaining areas of their skin that still have color will match the color of the rest of their skin.

A Review of Michael Dawson’s Natural Vitiligo Treatment System

review of michael dawsons natural vitligo treatment system

review of michael dawsons natural vitligo treatment system

Vitiligo, the skin condition that is marked by the appearance of white patches on one’s skin, has been around for as long as anyone can remember. Up to this very moment, however, scientists waste no time in telling the world that there is still no cure for vitiligo, which affects millions of people around the world. A man named Michael Dawson, however, begs to disagree. A former vitiligo sufferer himself, Dawson claims that a Natural Vitiligo Treatment System that he developed has cured his vitiligo permanently and naturally in just a couple of months.Dawson calls his system “The Home Vitiligo Cure That Doctors Don’t Want You To Discover”, and he is apparently onto something. After all, the treatments that doctors often recommend to stop the spread of vitiligo can be quite costly, not to mention loaded with side effects. For instance, phototherapy, a common treatment which involves the exposure of the affected skin to ultraviolet light, can cause not only skin damage and itching, but increased risk of skin cancer as well. Corticosteroid creams or ointments, meanwhile, cause the skin to

shrink and lead to stretch marks too.

Natural treatments, on the other hand, cause almost no side effects at all, and this is what Michael Dawson is advocating: inexpensive but safe treatment for vitiligo. One look at his entire system and it is a virtual encyclopedia of anything from nature that can help cure a person of those white spots. From red clay to an ancient herb called khella, these treatments are, as Dawson claims, very effective at not just stopping the spread of vitiligo, but also at reversing it. Everything you need to know about these natural treatments are there. It also contains information on where to find them, how to prepare them and recommended applications and dosages.

A lot of people don’t have much faith in natural treatments, but Dawson’s system looks really promising. He claims that he has totally gotten rid of his vitiligo after a period of time spending a lot of money on conventional treatments that got him nowhere. If he is to be believed, he has also sent his program out to vitiligo patients that he knows and they all reported the same positive results. However, if you are serious about getting rid of your vitiligo, you will have to follow every single instruction on the program to the letter. Treatments that are not really applied strictly tend to not work out a hundred percent, and this system is no exception.

Aside from natural treatments, Dawson’s program also provides tips on how to prevent vitiligo. This part, however, is something we’re not so sure about. The cause of vitiligo, after all, has yet to be clearly established. Then again, the advice he gives in this regard is quite sound, as they all lead to improved overall health anyway.

Offered at a very low price of just $39, Michael Dawson’s Natural Vitiligo Treatment System is a lot cheaper compared to the thousands of dollars vitiligo patients might spend on conventional therapies. What makes the system a steal, however, are the bonuses that come with it. Aside from a very detailed program for getting rid of vitiligo, buying his system also entitles you to several e-books that provide information on how to undergo sunless tanning, and eat yourself on the way to a very fit body.

The best bonus for this program, however, is the free coaching or consultation that you can get from Michael Dawson himself. Any question you might have about his program or your vitiligo, you can personally ask Dawson, who is a nutrionist by profession. Instead of waiting for hours at a doctor’s office, all you need to do is shoot off an email, and you don’t even have to pay a single cent for it. This bonus alone is worth more than the cost of the program. However, the free consultation offer is time limited, so if you’re interested, you should take action now in order to secure your spot.

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