Vitiligo types

Vitiligo types and sub-types

As per the American Academy of Dermatology, If you are diagnosed with vitiligo, your dermatologist may tell you what type and subtype you have.
Today, most doctors recognize two types: 



Segmental vitiligo
Also called:

·       Unilateral vitiligo

·       Appears on 1 segment of the body, such as a leg, face or arm.

·       About half of people lose some hair color, such as on the head, an eyelash or an eyebrow.

·       Often begins at an early age.

·       Often progresses for a year or so then stops.

Non-segmental vitiligo

Also called:

·       Bilateral vitiligo

·       Vitiligo vulgaris

·       Generalized vitiligo

·       Most common type.

·       Appears on both sides of the body, such as both hands or both knees.

·       Often begins on hands, fingertips, wrists, around the eyes or mouth, or on the feet.

·       Often begins with rapid loss of skin color, which then stops for a while. Color loss often starts up later. This start-and-stop cycle usually continues throughout a person's lifetime.

·       Color loss tends to expand, growing more noticeable and covering a larger area.