Pigment Melanin Promoting Treatment


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Pigment Melanin Promoting Treatment


Weight: 50ml

Package: Bottle

Storage time: 3 years

Place of origin: China

The main components: dark plum, fructus psoraleae, radix angelicae, pericarpium granati, salvia miltiorrhiza and so on.

Application: it's for external application of floccosoids to promote formation of Pigment Melanin.treament for vitiligo, vaginal white spot, not white spot cover liquid.

Usage: 1, wash the affected area of skin, then with a cotton swab dampened with this product, rubbed the required position. use in the morning and evening everyday.

Note: 1, skin allergy caution; 2, topical, oral strictly prohibited. 3. pregnant woman and babies can't use it. place it unrechargeble by children.


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